Space Center Houston

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U.S.A. Space Shuttle, Houston, Texas
U.S.A. Space Shuttle, Houston, Texas

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If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world adventure, look no further than Space Center Houston. We are the premier hub for exploration in Houston and we promise an incredible visit each time you visit. Whether you’re a space expert or just love to learn, Space Center Houston is the perfect destination.

A visit to Space Center Houston is a great trip for all ages. We are the actual home of NASA Mission Control, as well as the International Space Station Mission Control and the site where real life astronauts train. You’ll have the opportunity to see real tools, equipment, and vehicles that have been helping mankind reach for the stars for decades.

A trip to Space Center Houston is an experience like no other. We have actual rockets that have been to space and back. You can tour them on the NASA Tram Tour, as well as around the site. We have actual artifacts from the early days of NASA, as well as items sent back to us from the International Space Station.

You can feel like an astronaut in training by viewing the Starship Gallery, home to many artifacts from the first astronauts trained. You’ll also find actual flown aircrafts such as Gemini V, Faith 7, and Apollo 17.

There are many other aircrafts to see, such as the real shuttle and replica rocket found at Independence Plaza. It’s a thrilling exhibit that instills awe and passion in all of its visitors. Independence Plaza is definitely an attraction you don’t want to miss on your visit! You’ll find plenty of rockets, shuttles, satellites, rovers, and more vehicles to discover.

The immersive NASA Tram Tour is more than just the historic Saturn V rocket. You’ll go behind the scenes of NASA’s Johnson Space Center touring actual government buildings and seeing what it takes to send our brave men and women into space. The NASA Tram Tour is an immersive experience in seeing what it takes to accomplish what we do.

There’s plenty to discover at Space Center Houston. At the Astronaut Gallery we have the world’s biggest collection of real astronaut suits than anywhere else. You’ll be able to see the progression we’ve made in our advances in keeping our courageous astronauts safe. See everything from the earliest suits to the most advanced ones being worn today.

You’ll also find live demonstrations and exhibits, real astronauts sharing their experiences, and more all throughout the campus. There are also live shows, several film theaters including the largest 4K theater in Texas, an interactive experience to let see what living in space is like, and more. For younger explorers there’s kid friendly exhibits as well as plenty to do for space enthusiasts of all ages.

Space Center Houston is a great experience for individuals or for large tour groups. There are also seasonal exhibits and tours, making for a unique experience each time you visit. There are also field trips available, as well as camps, dining, gifts, and event spaces available. A visit to Space Center Houston is a blast every time!